'Around the World in 80 Plates' Recap | Lucky Cheng's Finds New Home in Midtown West

Thursday, 7 June 2012 by Irwan K Ch

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Big Drags

Lucky Cheng’s Finds Its New Home in Midtown West

Turns out the new location will be a quick walk from Le Bernardin.


First Look at Hillside, Vinegar Hill’s 30-Seat Sister

For eating, drinking, and waiting.


The Vote Is Out on The Ron Paul Family Cookbook

Who likes Cool Whip?


Around the World in 80 Plates Recap: David Rees on Italian Grandmothers

"Her name is Nana Nonna, and she’s one of the world’s most famous Italian grandmothers and speaking of mothers, she can cook like a motherf-cker, so watch out."


After All That Drama, Chelsea Market Will Expand

They won.

Slam Dunk

Screw Bocce, This Pub Has Basketball

New court in Queens.

Jerry Coke

Jerry Seinfeld Not in Favor of Soda Ban, Prefers ‘Early Death’

"Fatten them up, kill them off, and move them out."

Booze News

Luxury Seats Will Get Better Booze Service at New Nets Arena

The hoi polloi will get cut off early, but high-rollers can drink until 2 a.m.


Roosevelt Island Updates; Scorpion Bowls at Marc Forgione

And more of today's leftovers.


Hung Ry Has Shuttered

The chinese-noodle specialist had filed for Chapter 11 back in the fall.

Quote of the Day

Harold Dieterle Vouches for City’s Best Pizza, Burger, and Bagel

Bleecker Street Pizza fan.


Beatrice Inn Beset With Delays

Don't plan any of your hot summer shindigs there just yet.



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