Trump's Birtherism Not a Dealbreaker for Romney | Roger Ailes Lied About the 'Times'

Tuesday, 29 May 2012 by Irwan K Ch
Tuesday, May 29, 2012
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Missing Since 1979

Etan Patz’s Family Really Wants Privacy

The missing boy's parents have put out a sign to plead with the media.

Malu Byrne

Maybe the Children of Famous People Are Going to Stop Moving to New York

Also spotted: winged, pink, oinking creatures cruising over Manhattan.

Sex Diaries

The Publicist Whose Breasts Are the Perfect Size to Be Peed On

This week's sex diary.

Early and Often

Cory Booker’s Communications Director Resigns After Nauseating Week

The mayor's Bain nausea, that is.


Zombies Attacked Williamsburg Over the Weekend

Check out the pictures!


Donald Trump Prefers the Phrase ‘Place of Birth Movement’ Now

Not birther.

Dawnella Joie Jager

Kardashian-Approved Jewelry Designer Finds Creative New Use for Umbrella

Beating people up in parking lots.

Cable-News News

Roger Ailes Lied About the New York Times Being ‘Lying Scum’

The Fox News boss's example was made-up.

Neighborhood News

Even Teenagers Understand the Racial Realities of Stop-and-Frisk

Eighty-six percent of teens stopped last year were black or Latino.


Andrew Cuomo’s Ethics Committee Chair Accused of Acting Unethically

She may have improperly helped her maid receive welfare.


Apparently LSD Can Turn You Into a Face-Eating Zombie Now

This is but one possible explanation for an absolutely insane incident that happened in Miami on Saturday.

Anthony Weiner

Anthony Weiner Is a Stay-at-Home Dad

Huma is back to work; he's not.

Stuck in the Mittle

Donald Trump’s Birtherism Not a Dealbreaker for Mitt Romney

Romney is still refusing to distance himself from the Donald's big mouth.

Unemployment Benefits

Long-Term Unemployment Benefits Ending Early in Some Battleground States

Ninety-nine weeks of unemployment is a thing of the past.

Campaign Finance

Illinois Senator Accused of Making Illegal Campaign Payments to Girlfriend

Is Senator Mark Kirk the new John Edwards?

Etan Patz

Police May Search Landfill for Etan Patz’s Remains

Investigators hope 33-year-old sanitation records will provide new evidence.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark Zuckerberg and Priscilla Chan’s (Unintentional) Cameo in a Chinese Police Documentary

The couple was spotted in Shanghai in March.

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