How to Make the Perfect Summer Drink Out of Anything | Felidia Lawyer Speaks Out on Tips Lawsuit

Wednesday, 30 May 2012 by Irwan K Ch

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Felidia Lawyer Speaks Out on Tips Lawsuit

"They're not sweeping in like Don Quixote."

Snack Attack

Doritos Versus Drugs: Literal War on Snack Food Erupts in Mexico

Experts say it's the first time a multinational company has been targeted in long-running drug wars.

The Chain Gang

At Taco Bell, ‘Mixology’ Means a Horrific Breakfast Beverage

Pairs well with that Doritos taco.

Empire Building

Jehangir Mehta Takes On Downtown Brooklyn

He joins the BK hotel-restaurant trend.


Sloshed: How to Make the Perfect Summer Drink Out of Anything

Is there one simple technique that will turn any booze, literally anything you can think of, into a refreshing summer drink? There sure is.


More Coffee, Please: Segafredo Zanetti Espresso and Irving Farm Open This Week

Wake up and smell the city's newest coffee places.

Veggie Power

Daniel Humm Loves Veggies, Gummi Bears

Plus: The Eleven Madison Park chef says his first visit to McDonald's blew his mind.

Other Magazines

WTF: Travel + Leisure Ranks NYC Ninth, L.A. Tenth on ‘Best Burger Cities’ List

Though congrats to Philly in No. 2.

Food Politics

Huge Beef Producers Would Like You to Reconsider Your Feelings on Pink Slime

Come on, guys! It's not that bad.

The Other Critics

Sutton Unimpressed by Brasserie Pushkin; Sietsema Calls Sao Mai’s Vietnamese the Best in NYC

Plus: Tejal Rao adores Prima, TONY gives Pok Pok Ny four stars, and more of this week's restaurant reviews.

Deliver Us

Life’s Getting Harder for Delivery Guys

But safer for pedestrians terrorized by commercial bikers on sidewalks.

Video Feed

Michelle Obama Talks Vegetable Feasts on The Daily Show

FLOTUS is not a fan of limp broccoli.


Vandaag Closes; Caramelized-Ramp Bitters Now on Sale

Plus: Back Forty's annual Chesapeake Crab Boil; Bourgeois Pig Brooklyn and Cienfuegos revamp their menus for summer; and more of today's leftovers.


Milk & Honey Going to East 23rd, Dropping Reservation Policy

Two new Sasha Petraske projects will open this summer.

Free Food

Lots of Chances for Free Doughnuts, Starting Tomorrow

They won't be fancy, but they will be free.



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