Glam Slam: Spring Hair Color Trends

Tuesday, 17 April 2012 by Irwan K Ch

April 17, 2012

I needed a little warm weather color pick-me-up, so I recently went a little blonder and boy does it feel good — I feel like a whole new person.

It just goes to show how much impact even a little color can make on your appearance and your mindset.

Colette Hagiwara, color director at Yoshi Hair Studio in Beverly Hills, says for spring, “It’s all about keeping color more natural-looking this spring and moving away from the ombre and dipped tips that we saw last season.”

“We are seeing a lot more of blending soft colors that mix together, such as Nicole Richie’s hair,” she says. “As opposed to drastic pops of color that were everywhere last season. I suggest not going more than two or three shades lighter than your natural color and stay away from doing anything too severe.”



“If you are BRUNETTE — go for warm sunny tones, especially for the lighter brown shades like Jennifer Garner. For those with dark brown like Mila Kunis, go with deep rich gold and chestnut tones. If you like the cooler shades like violet tones, it’s better to keep it one unison color which will create a glossy, shiny look.

If you are BLONDE — I am really into mixing a couple of colors like gold and strawberry blonde that play off each other creating a soft/rose gold hue. Or if you want to play around with color and have some fun, the new pastels work well on blondes & brunettes, giving them a little more edgy, trendy accent look with soft purples, pinks, blues etc. A few celebrities are going for this new trend like Katy Perry, Lady Gaga, the Olsen twins, and Rachel McAdams.




If you are a REDHEAD — go with a more coppery red like Emma Stone, as opposed to violet reds, which works really well with sun-kissed skin. I love to see redheads play with dimension — throw in some soft copper highlights to create some depth and movement. As with any season, it’s always important to use products that will protect the integrity of your hair color. Using color safe shampoos is crucial and there are some great treatments that you can use along with your conditioner to prolong your color like Yoshi’s Conc Magic Treatment which will instantly repair hair while helping color last.”

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