Glam Slam: I Need A Neon Intervention

Thursday, 12 April 2012 by Irwan K Ch
April 12, 2012

Granted, I’m not decking myself out in head-to-toe bright colors like Katy Perry… I’m not that far gone! But I still feel like all I am buying these days is colors so bright they could be on steroids!

There are the neon T-shirts, the neon scarves, the neon-trimmed sandals from Topshop. Yesterday I bought flats with neon cap-toes from Ann Taylor. They had been marked down three times though — from $158 to $48 — can’t go wrong there!

There’s the neon clutch, the bright pink jacket, the bright pink and bright blue jeans. Don’t get me started on the jewelry….a few necklaces and a bracelet or two. Accessorizing is an easy way to get in on the trend without going full Katy P.

Most of these things I consider “disposable” fashion…I am not spending much on it because it will be out of style very soon and I will OD on all these colors and go back to wearing black!

But all this stuff, even the cheap stuff, adds up, which brings me to my dilemma. There’s a neon rhinestone necklace by Dannijo that I am DYING over. But it’s really expensive…especially since it’s so trendy.

So what’s better? To splurge on one killer piece that’s more unique, or spend the same amount of money on a bunch of cheap stuff? Decisions! Decisions!

I know, I know. I have issues. Someone help me stop the style insanity!



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