Chait: Today in Pseudo-Outrage | Occupy Wall Street Figured Out How to Have Sleepovers

Friday, 6 April 2012 by Irwan K Ch
Friday, April 6, 2012
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Current TV Sues Keith Olbermann Right Back

Enough, guys.


Navy F18 Jet Crashes Into Virginia Apartments

Two pilots ejected safely, but civilians are not yet accounted for.


George Zimmerman's Lawyer Cites ‘Shaken Baby Syndrome’ in Trayvon Martin Shooting

Unfortunate word-choice alert.


Only the Most Dangerous Weapons Will Be Allowed at GOP Convention

Leave your slingshot at home, though; it's a safety hazard. 

The Neighborhood News

Strand Employees Are Playing Hardball on Union Contract Negotiations

Move over, longshoremen.

Ann Romney

Ann Romney Swears Mitt Romney Is a Human Person

The Romney campaign is really pushing this theory. 

Occupy Everywhere

Occupy Wall Street Figured Out How to Have Sleepovers

Protesters slept outside legally around Union Square last night.

The National Interest

Today in Pseudo-Outrage

Caterpillars and Jewbags. Outrage!

Stand Clear of the Closing Doors

You Know That Terrible Moment When You JUST Miss the Train?

Out of tragedy, art.

Google Glasses

Google Founder Sergey Brin Already Wearing Google Glasses

Normal glasses are more pathetic when directly adjacent to Google Glasses. 

Trayvon Martin

NBC Shielding Producer Responsible for Edited George Zimmerman 911 Call

Staffers were reportedly "in shock," but the network is staying quiet about specifics.

Bruce Barnes

The Head of the Dakota Co-op Board Is Moving


Christine Quinn

How the 1912 Titanic Disaster Shaped the 2013 Mayoral Race

Christine Quinn's grandmother was onboard!

Solar-Powered Brownstone

Will This Be the Most Brooklynish Building in All of Brooklyn?

New ways for brownstone residents to feel superior.

Eastman Kodak

The Huge Kodak Sign in Times Square Won’t Be There Much Longer

Take a picture of it, maybe?

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